When you understand that there is more than just wind, solar and a few other known methods that can technically generate only a little power, in the realm of real demand.

 Since 2008, my efforts to reach world leaders have failed..that would be fine, if the livelihoods of many were not disappearing. The financial issues of 2008 will shortly be considered mild. With the continuous talk of 'recovery', its now 'austerity' . Disaster does follow economic patch attempts.

My candid take...

Governments..do not listen. Thinktanks..do not listen. Generally, its just about pushing agendas as only a few have fantastic lobbyists.

 The facts: Billions of $ are being shoveled into some really useless technologies that are just ending in bankruptcy. Projects that deserve no funding..get funded. Sure, the paperwork always looks stunning, but bankruptcy actually tells the truth. It is really the nature of people to bring things to a state of collapse before listening..this is a historical fact.



 My offer: To provide an iron clean electricity generation solution to fix global economies.

Did you just gasp? The world's best thinktanks are on it. The world finest minds are at work daily..Who does he think he is? Well, Im skeptical..lots of people say they have concepts and ideas, and most never work. He must be mad! I eat idiots like this for breakfast. Hmm, let me see..now I have yearssssss of experience in subjects he obviously knows nothing about. I bet I can stump him with just a few questions.

These are the first thoughts that run through the mind of many that can never really see much beyond just what is known. Many are easily dumbed down after being constantly bombarded by things like ' wind and solar, are 'the answer'. It's so well imprinted on your mental patterns that anything more, is beyond your capacity to accept. Did you perhaps know what the question was before so readily accepting the 'answer' ? Probably not..but then, that might just be you.


Everything we touch, is determined by the cost of energy. 




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